Pleśna is a gmina (district) in the county of Tarnów. This village of 11, 000 is located just a 12km bus ride away from Tarnów, and there's a bus from the central bus station that can take you there. Which bus, I'm not quite sure, since I just followed my mom and Dorothy (a family member) like a lost puppy.

My mom's dad's entire side of the family hails from here, and a few of our family members still farm the land and live out in the countryside.

That means we get served the most amazing and delicious food, fresh bread, and homemade liquor. I mistakenly forgot that there would still be a main course after the above appetizers, and filled up on the bread and cheese and salads until I was ready to burst. I ate so much that I had to get up and walk around outside in the fresh air to regain my composure. 

Here I am with all the cousins and with their adorable family dog. 

Everyone was so kind and welcoming to my mom and I. It was a wonderful experience being out in the countryside with a sky full of stars and a belly full of warmth.

A few days later, my cousin and I returned to Pleśna to go horse back riding. Michal Kuczera has a farm known as "Pod Świerkami", where he owns many beautiful horses and can take you for a trail ride or give you a lesson.

For a small price, you can even stay with Michal and his wife in their large guest house. If you have a couple of days in Tarnów, I would strongly suggest staying here for a night or two. Apparently they cook the best homemade food and can even take you on overnight trails with the horses.

For my cousin and I, 2 hours was more than enough time to walk through the beautiful countryside, breathe in the fresh air, and reconnect with nature.

Pleśna - a village, a home, a paradise.