Copacabana Steakhouse

Another birthday, another restaurant. I'm seriously loving the Svilaric tradition of being taken out to whichever restaurant you desire to go on your bday. 

We've been trying to go to Copa for 2 a while, since M's brother suggested it 2 years ago for his restaurant. 2 years ago, they didn't take reservations for groups under 6, and well, back then, we were a group of 5. So we had to wait. 

Guess what! There's 6 of us now! And Copacabana was one of the participants in Winterlicious, which meant a) cheaper pricing and b) impossible to find reservations. 

Which is why we went on a Monday at 9pm. 

Not an optimal time, but all was forgiven with the experience and the food quality (A++). 

Here's how it works: you head over to the "Galleria" area for all your sides, salads, and non-meat plates like Mac n Cheese. Then, waiters go from table to table with a gigantic shwarma-like roll of meat, where they cut off slices with the largest knife I ever did see. You're asked to delicately hold the slice of meat until it's cut all the way through, at which time you delicately place it on your side plate. 

I say delicately because they slice the meat incredibly thin, and you wouldn't want to rip it in half with any sudden movements. 

Since the waiters/huge knife wielders come along every few minutes, your plate ends up having just one piece of meat at a time. 

Each time the waiters come by, they offer you a different meat. There are 19 various types of skewers they come by with. They even have grilled pineapple if you so desire, but hands down, anything parmesan encrusted is THE best. 

I'm very impressed with this place. Come check it out on a weeknight when the buffet dinner is $40 per person or during Winterlicious/Summerlicious where the prices are a bit cheaper but the experience is just as great.