Leslieville, Revisited 3 Years Later

Toronto is changing. Growing. Sleepy streets are becoming bustling thoroughfares. Coffee shops, boutiques, and condos are popping up at impressive rates. There's arguments on both sides as to whether this is a good or bad thing (not getting into that here). But one thing we can all agree on – additional foot/car/bus traffic is a big boost to local businesses.

Three years ago, I wrote about my first impressions of Leslieville. It hasn't changed dramatically since then, but it's changed (for the better, in my opinion). It's becoming more noticed. "Cooler". Toronto's hype train isn't just riding in the west end anymore. And I, for one, am thankful that this strip of Queen East is finally getting more traction. 

What brought me to Leslieville this time around was a casual Polish restaurant run by a mother daughter duo called Hastings Snack Bar. So, who better to bring along than my own Polish mother for a sweet little lunch date.

Creemore, a Day Trip from Toronto

This headline is a little misleading, because Mom and I didn't technically come from Toronto to visit Creemore (we drove from Barrie, which was a pleasant 30 minutes). However, you can get to Creemore from Toronto in a brisk hour and a half, which still makes it a great day trip from the city. 

The time between Christmas and New Year's can turn into a vacuum of blank, dead space where time is just slipping through your fingers and you start getting a little stir crazy. Cue blogTO's article (read here) which inspired Mom and I to get our butts off the couch and enjoy some of Ontario's natural beauty and one of its cozy towns. 

Cordoba, a city of surprises

White washed houses squeezed together, forming alleyways and secret pathways. Greenery and flowers draped over windows, all the colours spilling onto the street. Private patios, made for private conversations and public admiration. Blazing blue skies, golden-dusted streets, lush royal gardens. This was Cordoba, and it surprised the heck out of me.

The last leg on our Spanish journey, Mom and I had zero expectations of Cordoba. All we knew about the city was that it was famous for its Mezquita. But beyond this tourist site, we had no idea what else there was to do – seriously, our itinerary for here was just “Mezquita” and a giant bold question mark for the rest of our time.