Forest Walks

My mom offered to take Zoey for the past week since her work was undergoing renovations and she'd have time to give Zoey unlimited love and affection. Oh boy, did I miss this little squirt. 

M and I drove up to Barrie yesterday to take her back down to Toronto, and stayed for a bit to enjoy the snow and some of mom's homemade cooking. 

It's been abnormally warm the last few days, which has resulted in the forest becoming slushy and wet. Zoey and Isis still enjoy it just as much, though. 

The only way I can get Zoey to pose for a photo is by waving a stick at her to get her attention. 

The only way I can get a decent photo of Isis is from far away when she doesn't know I'm aiming my camera at her. 

13-year-old Isis has still got it in her, but alas, she's no match for Zoey's half-italian-greyhound-ness.


One of my favourite views of the forest. Looking up. Breathing in the fresh air. Awkwardly squatting while trying not to fall into the wet snow. Priceless.