It's Not Just About the Plane Tickets: Hidden Costs of Travelling

You don't realize how expensive travelling really is until you do it. I had heard about the whole "Travel on $50 a Day" thing, but those same people/blogs/articles failed to mention the ridiculous amount of preparation needed beforehand -- and the money that comes with that.

I'm one week away from leaving for India and South East Asia, and here's exactly what I've spent so far on preparation alone:

  • Immunizations: $150
  • Medicine: $90
  • New Backpack: $25
  • Visas: $190
    • FedEx Delivery: $29
  • Assorted Items: $50

Unfortunately, my insurance didn't cover any travel vaccines or the over-the-counter traveller's diarrhea medicine, so those expenses had to come out of my pocket. 

The visas were undoubtedly the biggest expense, and not only the actual visas, but the "hidden expenses" within them. The Indian Visa was stated to only be $60, but they charged a $20 "courier fee" for both M and I, even though our passports would be delivered to the same address! There was also a processing fee (of course). 

But there's also a fun part of shopping, like backpacks and new clothes and all the different scents of hand sanitizers. M had a great time picking out a bag from the millions available at MEC, which is where I got my bag as well. 

 Of course, all of the expenses and headaches are worth it in the end when you're standing on the other side of the world. The sights, the smells, the food, the people -- all these things make it a truly priceless experience.

Get outside. See what happens.