Wandering in "Enemy" Territory

My University has different colleges for undergraduates to choose from. Your college determines your residence, your academic registrar, and your loyalty. I chose to attend Victoria College partly because Margaret Atwood went there (super cool) and partly because it was the prettiest.

Belonging to a particular college means that you will spend most of your time there: hanging out with friends, playing pool in the lounge, etc. But today, I had the opportunity to hang out at another college, a college that my own has deemed "the enemy college". For one reason or another, Victoria College and Trinity College have had a long-standing dislike for each other. I don't quite know why, I think it's a little silly, and I enjoyed exploring their lovely little corner on campus.

Here are some photos from my day:

I'm finally getting brave enough to whip out my DSLR in public and not care if I look like a tourist or a fool. It's nice to be rewarded by great photos like these.