Last Minute Stress

Our plan was to stay up late while packing and getting last minute stuff ready. At 1:30 am, M got an email that our flight had been cancelled -- and a whole lot of chaos, stress, and on-edge waiting on the phone ensued.

Apparently our flight from Toronto to Newark got cancelled due to "weather" (even though I checked and there's only some light rain). Missing our flight to Newark would mean missing our flight to India, which would mean having to change our flights to a day later, which would mean missing out on two nights and a day in Delhi...

M immediately called the airlines and tried working some stuff out. It took quite some time, but thankfully, the airline representative got us on a flight to Newark -- although we now depart 9 hours earlier! Our plan to stay awake until 6 am and sleep until 2 pm so as to adjust our sleep schedule for India is definitely not an option anymore. Let's just say that we are going to be two cranky travellers until the next time we are in a nice, cozy, warm bed.

One thing that has helped alleviate my stress is booking through Smyle Inn. The owner of the hotel has an amazing response time, and the information on their resources page has helped us book our train tickets and prepare for India better.

While actually getting to India has been stressful so far (especially with getting a flight cancellation 18 hours before departure!), I'm relieved to know that once I'm in India, there won't be as much to worry about. Just a nice, cozy, warm bed for me to throw my tired body into.