Wish, the Best Brunch in Toronto

I'm here to tell you about a restaurant. Now, this place is no secret. You need a reservation many days in advance to snag a spot, or show up really early or really late (or just pray to the gods that it's your lucky day if you do a walk-in).  It's a popular place, but hasn't made it into the "Best Brunch in Toronto" lists that are on Toronto blogs/websites (you know which ones I'm talking about...)

Whatever, as if Wish needed to be on any list to validate its deliciousness. It's loved by many, and it's one of my go-to brunch places since my good friend Kaylin told me about it. 

This place is so cute I would squeeze it if I could. The decor is adorable. Just look at that water pitcher. And those potted tulips in the back. Precious. 

Last time I visited with Mom, I ordered the Challah French Toast with blueberries and caramelized bananas. That's what Ellen got this time, but since I knew just how massive it was, I opted for the Grilled Nutella Sandwich with Raspberry Compote. Equally delicious, just a smaller portion.

Ellen's eyeing that massive stack with a little bit of fear and uncertainty, haha. I think she didn't realize just how large it would be even though I warned her :)

Despite being impossible to finish, it's also impossible to not rave about it. Food = great. Service = great. Even though we didn't have a reservation, they managed to fit us in between guests. Thanks, Wish, for being accommodating, kind, and making such yummy food!