Turkish Restaurant in Toronto

Back when M and I explored Islington Village, we walked by this friendly looking restaurant in a strip mall and peeked our heads in. We had just eaten breakfast over at AF Home Bakery, so I told myself I'd have to come back another time. 

Fast forward a few weeks later, and I'm back at Anatolia with my good friend, Jenny. I knew she'd be down because she lives in the area. And because she's always ready to go on exotic food adventures with me. 

Anatolia Restaurant is one of the few places you can have real, authentic, Turkish food in Toronto. They also host live Turkish Dancing and Belly Night Shows, but Jenny and I just went on a regular no-show night. It was still incredibly busy, and they sat us at the back corner at a live edge wooden table. 

I looked at the menu beforehand (as always) and asked Jenny if she'd be cool to share the "Mixed Grill For Two." I needed a serious dinner partner to share this feast, so luckily, she agreed.

The description from their menu: "A true Turkish feast. Flame broiled juicy beef Kofte; succulent chicken kebab; spicy Adana kebab and tender lamb kebabs grilled to perfection. Served with rice, and bulgur, Domatez Ezme, Haydari (yogurt sauce), and covered with homemade yufka."

I love kebabs, but these ones were something else entirely. With four different types of meat to try, the mixed grill is the perfect thing to order for an intro to Turkish Cuisine. 

A word of warning: this is a HUGE platter. I struggled hard to finish it, simultaneously crying tears of pleasure and pain. But we managed to get through it, and even ordered "dessert."

Arguably the most well-known aspect of Turkish cuisine — Turkish coffee! 

It came in these precious teacups, intricately adorned and oh so delicate. The taste? Amazing beyond belief. You can choose how sweet you'd like it (I got medium). 

Anatolia may not be in your regular neighbourhood, but it's only a subway ride away and a 5 minute walk from Kipling subway station. If you're a meat lover, flavour lover, and good food lover, it's more than worth your time to check it out.