Tarnów: Sights

When in Tarnów, you'll find that most of the sights lie within the Old Town area. It's not that there's nothing to see elsewhere  it's just that centre of the town has the most history and the best backdrops for photo taking.

This is what you're met with outside of the city centre. Communist blocks of buildings, graffiti, and a grungy vibe. My cousin and her husband lived in the above buildings last time I visited Tarnów eleven years ago, and my dad lived with his family not too far from here as well. 

Tarnów has been around since 1330. That makes Toronto seem like a newborn.

The Wielkie Schody  "Great Stairs"  are a nice way to start your journey into the town centre. 

In the centre of the old town square is the Medieval Town Hall. The first mention of this building was in 1448. It was a place where people traded goods, animals, furs, and all that other stuff Medieval people liked. 

The square, typical of most squares in Europe, is full of restaurants, cafes, and patios. 

Tarnów had an enormous population of Jews pre-WWII. Unfortunately, this made it a target city for the Nazis. It was the first city to deport a Jewish population to a concentration camp. The Nazis not only wanted to destroy every single Jewish citizen, but also all of their monuments.

This is all that remains of a 17th Century Synagogue that was burned to the ground in 1939. The Jewish history of Tarnów is sobering and solemn, but it's important to remember, understand, and reflect on that history.

Built in the 14th Century, the main cathedral, found just north west of the square, is one of the oldest brick buildings in the area. 

Tarnów has two wooden churches in the city which are worth visiting. This one is called "Parafia Matki Bożej Szkaplerznej." 

Just across the street from the little wooden church is the market, where you can buy fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers.

Mom bought some fresh buns and beans off this lady.

I decided to munch on blackberries. There's nothing better than hand-picked sweet berries. Yum.

I didn't fill up on those berries too much, because Mom and mine's main goal was to have tatar for lunch. We went to Hotel Bristol, which has a super fancy restaurant inside.

When in Poland, don't be afraid to try this delicious dish. Raw meat may scare you off at first, but I promise you it won't disappoint. Especially if you enjoy it at an establishment as fine as Hotel Bristol.

So maybe Tarnów doesn't have the most impressive churches or buildings or natural sights. But it's a wonderful town that my parents called home for half their lives, and in turn, it feels like home to me too.