Hello, 2016!

It's been ten days since the new year, and yet I'm still getting used to writing 2016 whenever I'm writing the date. Thank goodness for white out.

We went out clubbing to Orchid for New Year's Eve, but before we tackled an hour-long line and a thousand-person crowded dance floor, we gathered for drinks at mine and M's apartment.

It's nice to spend time with the people that mean most to you in a place where you can actually hear each other talk. 

It was also nice to give Zoey some love before we left her alone for seven hours. 

Here's Marcel playing with her and seeing how high Zoey can jump. Answer: really high. The camera caught her as mostly a blur.

Awh, look at all the lovely couples :)

One of my reasons for hosting predrinks/parties is that I get to barrage my friends with requests for photos, but it's hard to get them to always take it seriously. 

It's obviously more fun to take ridiculously silly photos, after all.

After a million clicks of the camera, you finally get a good one that's worthy of being scrapbooked (well, all the silly outtakes are pretty fun to commemorate too).

These two are just so cute it's nauseating.

Our signature camera pose. Look excited! Mouths open!

They say how you start the year is a good way to tell how the rest of your year is going to be. If so, mine will be full of laughter, adventure, craziness, and the most important thing of all  friendship. #cheesy #cheeseoncheeseoncheese

Adventure? Craziness? You might be asking yourself where exactly that is in my photos. While some things are better left unshown (like our 3 am Chinese food run), my YouTuber friend Em created this amazing video of our night that gives a less biased persepective. 

Thanks for documenting the night, Em :) Check out her channel here and subscribe to see more of her awesome videos.