Pekoe Kombucha Bar // Uncle Tetsu's

A couple of weeks ago, M and I started going through our "48 Dates Jar" that I made for our 4 year anniversary / 48 month anniversary. Haha, get it? I'm so cheese.

The first date M picked out was to check out Pekoe Kombucha Bar which was supposed to be located on the second floor of a yoga studio on Dundas Street. But when we got there, we discovered they had moved out. Oh no! What to do? We had walked all this way for some delicious Kombucha and now we wouldn't be having any. #sadness

Okay, so after a photoshoot (cause that's what happens when you give me a DSLR, I get snap happy), I whipped out my iPhone and thank Google I found that Pekoe would be at the Union Station Food Market for one last day.

So, we kept on walking. Anything for that Kombucha.

How adorable is this banner for the food market?! All the heart eyes.

The crowd was cray-cray. Probably because this was the last day of the Food Market, but also cause Toronto. Millions of people. The lines weren't too horrible for the food stalls, so we managed to not only snag some Kombucha, but also some cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu.

In case you don't know, Uncle Tetsu is a new(ish) pastry and cheesecake shop that opened downtown and boasts wait times of 30 minutes - 2 hours for a taste of their famous cheesecake.

So we were blessed that we only waited 5 minutes at the food market to try their slice of heaven.

Kombucha = delicious, fizzy, sweet, fresh.
Cheesecake = eating a cloud from heaven itself.
First date = a smashing success.