Pho Hung

In the spirit of our upcoming trip to South East Asia (details to follow!), Milos and I decided to start adjusting to the cuisine. So a few weeks ago we headed to Chinatown and picked out a Vietnamese place based on Urban Spoon ratings and reviews. 

Neither Milos nor I had any idea what any of the things on the menu were (fun!). I googled some dishes on my phone and we ordered from there, really not knowing what to expect in terms of taste/quality/ingredients, etc.

This is what I got! Some sort of Vermicelli with grilled beef (possibly the BÚN BÒ XÀO CỦ HÀNH if you ever decide to go there and order). It was absolutely delicious. Mixing together the noodles with the sweet and sour sauce they provided made everything so much better. The crunchiness of the peanuts and the bean sprouts was a great contrast to the soft noodles and beef. I got the small, which was only $8, and more than enough for me (as usual, M had to finish what I couldn't). 

This is what Milos got: some Pho, a soup with various different kinds of meat and vegetables in it. The menu listed it as PHỞ HƯNG ĐẶC BIỆT, which translates to Hung's Special Beef Rice Noodle Soup. It had four different types of meat: rare beef, well done beef, tripe and tendon. 

Milos looks fairly happy here, but there was some weeeeeeeeeeird stuff in that soup. Namely, a gooey piece of what looked like octopus, tentacles and suction cups included. I refused to try that, but I did try some of the broth and it was just "meh". Mediocre, not as full tasting as I thought it would be, and nowhere near as good as my food.

In total, we paid less than $20 for our very filling lunch (I mean, look at my bowl, it's beyond overflowing!).

Grade: 3/5
Cons: M's meal was really weird and lacking the taste I expected.
Pros: My food was delicious, the portions are really big, cheap prices, and a beautiful sun-filled dining space.