Prince Steakhouse

One of the coolest things about M's family (and there are a lot of cool things!) is how they celebrate birthdays. Their tradition is that the the person whose birthday it is gets to choose a restaurant to eat dinner at -- any restaurant they desire! This is always such fun because it's a great way to eat at different places around the city that one would not normally go to.

The reason I'm not doing a Restaurant Review of this place is because it's really, really far and inaccessible by transit (hence, a place we would not normally go to). Plus, I wasn't really focused on tasting the food and reviewing it as I was on celebrating M's younger brother's birthday.

 M's lovely parents! 

My man and I.

 Lychee martini to start me off (really sweet, but also really good).

We went to a place called Prince Steakhouse. You basically order a type of meat/dish that they cook right in front of you on a high-heat grill. You get soup, salad, veggies, and rice included in your meal (the fried rice is extra, but so worth it).

The delicious salad to start off our meal!

 And of course, Miso soup.

Here's our chef starting out with the veggies. I really love onions, and when I mentioned this in passing the chef overheard and made me extra. :) Yum.

Since it was Vuk's birthday, he got to go up and try out some tricks that the chef showed us earlier.  

 Not quite there yet Vuk, not quite there. 

Mmmm, onions. 

 Needless to say, it was HOT (how was I not concerned for my camera during these moments?)

My (half-eaten) food.  

 Free dessert for the birthday boy (fried ice cream).

Overall, it was a great time. The night started out a little stressful because Vuk had wanted to go to a super popular Brazilian restaurant called Copacabana. They didn't take reservations, and once we got there they told us the waiting time was 2 hours (my grumbling and hungry tummy was not happy with that). Thankfully, his family remembered about this place and we ended up having not only an enjoyable dinner, but an entertaining experience.