Turning Twenty-One

I've celebrated my birthday in a variety of ways over the years: at Chuck-E-Cheese, at a skating arena, at a Zed's Dead Concert, and at the restaurant of one of my friend's parents. This year, the memorable event was celebrated by a rag tag group of mine and my boyfriend's friends at a local bar just a few minutes from my apartment. It certainly wasn't what I had hoped for or expected, mostly because a horrific ice storm in Toronto stranded 90% of the people who were supposed to attend. I was so upset that many of my friends couldn't make it that I even toyed with the idea of cancelling the whole event and ringing in the 23rd while eating popcorn and watching Netflix in bed.

Thank goodness my boyfriend banished those self-pitying thoughts and encouraged me to stick to my plan.

The evening started off with Milos and I cooking a meal for Jenny and her boyfriend Matt. We made garlic-stuffed pork loin, rice, mini quiches, and a Greek salad.

My one and only request (okay, it was more like a demand) was that we would play Bang. It's a card game that Milos's friends introduced me to and that I can't get enough of playing. I bought it in Montreal for half-price because it was the English version... their French version was the original price of $30.

The rest of the night continued in drinks, conversations, and a million photos. I'll spare you all the outtakes and just post a few.

Although the Toronto Ice Storm put a slight dent in my plans in terms of attendance, I am so thankful for all those that could make it to celebrate my 21st with me.

The next day, on my actual birthday, M and I went to the Pickle Barrel with his mom and brother. Since his mom had a flight in just a few hours, our lunchtime was a little rushed ... but it was so delicious that none of us regretted it. Just look at this food!

I had the French Onion Soup and Calamari:

M ordered the largest sandwich on the menu:

The waitress awkwardly asked if M and I were brother and sister. This happens quite often, actually. Sometimes I think M and I look more alike than him and his brother do.

After frantic rushing and driving to the airport, sitting in the car in traffic for what seemed like hours, and speeding on the highway so I could make my complimentary chiropractor appointment in Barrie, the day finished off with some peace, quiet, and of course, cake!

My mom put up balloons in the house and surprised me by making my favourite cake: Tiramisu! Too bad Isis was afraid of the fire on the candles and scrambled away as soon as this photo was taken.

21 is the last "big milestone." I feel that after this, age will just be a number and not a celebration of being able to do something: buy a lottery ticket, go to a casino, drink alcohol. I have mixed feelings about getting older. On one hand, I'm excited for growing up and becoming more and more independent. On the other, I'm pretty darn terrified. Your 20s are a time of change and confusion, two things I'm not fond of. Whatever comes my way, I'm glad that I can do the following things now that I'm 21:
  • DRINK AND BUY ALCOHOL IN THE USA (hence the New York roadtrip with Milos, Matt, and Jenny in a few days!)
  • Gamble in the States
  • Get married in Mississippi without parental consent
  • get an Airline Transport Pilot license or a hazardous materials trucker license in Canada
Those are some pretty cool things to celebrate!

In my next post, I'll be covering the Christmas Holidays: friends, family, food, and festivities! (And photos, of course)