The Truth About Christmas Tree Shopping

After one hour of walking around the tree farm, our family finally decided on a tree that was worthy of residing in our home. Here's the journey in photos:

The truth about Christmas Tree shopping: it's cold, it takes forever, and you will most likely get into a lot of family arguments. Mom wanted a perfect tree that was even and symmetrical, and above all, small. Dad wanted a large and tall one. I was on my Dad's side until I stopped caring because my feet were frozen. 

Yes, it was so cold that a mouse had died by freezing on a tree branch. Pretty disgusting, but an accurate description of Canadian winters.

After all the arguing and disagreements, and a good hour of decorating, here's what our tree ended up looking like:

Despite all the difficulties of acquiring this beauty, I love Christmas with a real tree. There's something special about the smell in the air and the vivid green colour. Yeah, the needles are a pain to vacuum up, and my Mom complains about having to constantly refill the water... but for me, it ain't Christmas without a Christmas Tree.

And the truth about tree shopping... is that it's worth it.