Hockey Games and Birthday Parties

First things first: I am finally finished Fall semester! I know most people have exams late into the month, but the reason I used the word "finally" is because my past few weeks have been beyond stressful. So many assignments, tests, essays, etc. Basically, it was crunch time, the final stretch, and I am more than happy to have a month off.

Last week was my good friend Jenny's birthday. To celebrate, we went to watch the Pittsburgh vs. Toronto Hockey game at a bar just around the corner from my house. I felt extremely uncomfortable in my Penguins jersey at a bar in downtown Toronto full of Leafs fans... and when my team won the game, I legitimately feared for my life as I walked out the door.

This next photo was snapped when the Leafs were leading 4-1:

The waitress was pretty good at holding the camera steady:
Luckily, Jenny is such a sweetheart that she didn't beat me up or threaten to never speak to me again. Good thing, too, because I had some great things planned for her birthday the next day. I love party planning (and planning in general). I had collected a few inspiration ideas from Pinterest that I wanted to try out... and while they didn't turn out as perfect as the Pinterest ones, I don't think they were a total failure, either.

Jenny made some delicious cupcakes to substitute for a traditional cake. They were delicious!

Milos made some pasta, I cleaned up a few last minute things, our friends arrived, and the party started.

These friends are great to goof around with, spend time with, and just do life with.
I'm so thankful for this amazing girl here. I was terrified when I came to University and to the big city of Toronto. First year turned out to be a disappointing experience, and most of my friends that I made that year I lost contact with. In second year, I met a whole bunch of crazy amazing people, including this gal. I'm grateful to have met a great friend who keeps me grounded, encourages me, and understands me.

Alright, that's all for the sappy stuff. Look forward to more blog posts now that school isn't weighing me down!