An Introduction to Isis

If you know anything about me at all, you know that my dog means the world to me. So of course, you need an introduction to this special person in my life. I decided the best way to do this would be through a brief Q & A session... and yes, I'll be doing both the questioning and the answering.

Name: Isis

Name meaning: We had to name her something starting with "I" because the year her and her siblings were born was the "I" year for the breeder. He had been going through the alphabet with each litter, so it was his tradition. Dogs prefer two-syllable names (easier for them to respond to) and I was obsessed with Egyptian mythology at the time. It means something like "woman of the throne"... quite accurate, since she's the boss around here.

Breed: We get so many guesses for this one: Dalmatian, Springer Spaniel, German Shorthaired Pointer... the last one is pretty close, since she's an English Pointer. Only difference is that she's not missing a limb like her German ancestor (they put a rubber band around the dog's tail until it falls off, it's called "docking" and we didn't think it was such a great idea).

Age: Ripe old age of 10.5 years, even though everyone we meet is convinced she's still a puppy.

Favourite human: I'm convinced it's me since she's always happiest to see me when I've been gone for a long time, but Isis has a thing for men. Seriously, she will run to any man and ask to be petted and jump all over him and wag her tail like crazy.

Favourite food: Probably deli meats or kielbasa.

Favourite activity: Walks in the forest. She's a hunter, so she loves chasing squirrels and birds and the like. Now that I'm back home for the holidays, my "chore" is walking Isis in the afternoon. Here's our adventure from today. You'll notice how floppy her ears are... that's one of the cutest things about her.

BONUS: During the writing of this post, I had to let Isis outside. She always gets a treat when coming back in, so I thought I'd snap some shots of how talented she is. Here's a trick I taught her:

Poor girl would hold it for ages if I didn't say "okay!"

Hope you enjoyed meeting my best friend (sorry, humans). You'll be seeing lots of her around the blog since she's pretty much my only photo model while I'm in B-town.