Arts and Crafts Festival in Barrie

Every year during the Civic Holiday long weekend, Kempenfest comes to Barrie. And (almost) every year, Mom and I make a habit of taking a few hours to stroll around the artist booths, food stalls, and antique stores.

It was a cloudy day, but that made it perfect for walking around and taking in the interesting (and sometimes downright strange...check out that skull chandelier!) things for sale.

Since there's construction along the north side of Lake Simcoe this year, the festival was shifted entirely south. It didn't seem like a big deal, and it made more sense because the festival organizers grouped all the food together, but I had a hard time locating my favourite booths - where was the ukelele guy? those delicious dips by Deb? the handmade necklaces?

Despite not being able to find some booths, the vintage and antique section was in a better postion this year, in an area with more space and walking room.

When I eventually decide to own a home or apartment, I'm coming to Kempenfest and getting all my furniture here. How cute is that BAR sign?!

Want a stunning hand carved totem pole? Only $695.

Zoey was definitely a thirsty pooch. As the day went on and the sun started coming it, it got hot. HOT.

Mom and I thought we would be beating the crowds by showing up early in the morning, but there were already hundreds of people already there. Goes to show that Barrie is becoming *quite* the place to be. At least on the Civic Holiday when Kempenfest is happening.