Toronto's Harry Potter Bar

I'm sure you've heard there's a Harry Potter bar in Toronto (If you haven't — there's a Harry Potter bar in Toronto!). I must admit, the main reason that I trekked out to Dundas and Dufferin was because, yes, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. So are my two best friends, who also made the journey here. 

It was a traumatic streetcar and bus ride there because of construction and detours and short turns, but finally, the three of us arrived. 

Although the nerd in me was excited by the HP references — "Potions & Elixirs" written on the wall, an "All Was Well" fluorescent light, and all the drinks that were references to the HP world like "Befuddlement Draft" — the cocktail lover part of me was thrilled. 

If you come to The Lockhart without knowing that it's Harry Potter themed, you might not notice it while here. The allusions to HP are subtle, and the delicious drinks and food will occupy your mind otherwise. 

First order of business: the Befuddlement Draft. At $32 for 8 oz of alcohol, this is the perfect drink to share with friends (And such a steal! Only $4 a shot!)

It's packed with seven different liquors: vodka, gin, peach schnapps, blue curacao, cherry brandy, triple sec, and topped with Bacardi 151 which they light on fire. 

Once you mix everything together, it's heavenly and boozy and delicious.

Next up, we ordered some individual cocktails, since those tasted delicious too. Kaylin got the Butterbeer, which comes topped with a roasted marshmallow. I didn't try the marshmallow, but the drink itself was yummy and sweet. 

We couldn't pass up on the appetizers, either, since we all needed something to tide us over with all the cocktails we were consuming. Their menu is small, but the choice is good. For only $5, Jenny got this huge bowl of the "Daily Special" popcorn. On the day we went, the flavour was Jalapeno Cheddar, and all 3 of us had to dedicate ourselves to finish the massive portion. 

I ordered the Baked Brie with Raspberry Compote, and oh my goodness, it was like those two flavours were made for each other. 

The service was phenomenal as well. Our server, Maia, was helping us out, and we found out that her boyfriend (well, fiancee!) was the owner of the bar. So. Cute. You can tell that everyone here is passionate about quality cocktails and food. I definitely recommend you come to Dundas West to check it out, even if you hate all things Harry Potter. You'll be vastly impressed.