Queen Margherita Pizza

Anyone else have a hard time going out on Friday nights? You can't see me, but my hand is raised. After a long week at work, my ideal Friyay! consists of coming home, kicking off my shoes, and collapsing onto my bed or into a bathtub full of bubbles. 

Also, since Zoey is alone at home all day, M and I feel bad leaving her for an entire night after she's already been cooped up for 10 hours. But - but - this past Friday I took the little pup to work with me, which left Zoey tired and done with life and provided M and I with an opportunity to go out. (And gave me an opportunity to dress up put on heels).

I shrugged off my I-hate-going-out-on-Fridays attitude partly because of a serious argument/discussion that a few coworkers and I had. We were arguing where the best pizza in Toronto is, and so the debate between Pizzeria Libretto and Queen Margherita began. I've blogged about Pizzeria Libretto, so it's only fair that I give Queen Margherita the same treatment. For research, obviously

According to this BlogTo article from 2014 (they haven't published a newer version yet), Pizzeria Libretto and Queen Margherita are in the top 3 for "Best Pizza in Toronto". Of course, these lists are all subjective and mostly based on popularity, but I just had to try both of these places for myself. (For the research, right?) 

First things first, Queen Margherita Pizza, the Greenwood and Queen location, is hella pretty. The second floor looks like a loft, with white-washed brick walls and those typical black frame windows. 
Secondly (and probably more importantly), their pizza is so so so good. It's difficult to choose between QMP and Libretto because they taste like totally different pizzas. Libretto is crispy; QMP is not. It's doughy, chewy, and much less burnt on the crust and bottom. 

At $14 for a pizza that's literally bigger than my stomach, it's a great price for dinner (and exactly the same price as Libretto). M got the Cinque Stagione for $16, which had amazing garlic pieces on it that I was tempted to steal and put all over my pizza. 

Oh, and here's a random shot of the weirdest store we walked by on our way back home. Leslieville can be super strange guys. Not quirky. Just strange. Check out that doll's head (and that mannequin's head!)

A successful date night like this might make me more happy about going out on Fridays. Between spending the night in or going out and eating Queen Margherita Pizza, I would choose QMP over and over again. Get in my belly, Queen Margherita.