Over Easy

I'm getting old. You know how I know I'm getting old? I meet up with friends for breakfast. Not dinner, not brunch, breakfast. Adult life isn't just fast approaching  it's already arrived.

Another sign of adulthood? Potted plants. Now if only I could keep them alive...

I first discovered Over Easy when I lived at Annesley Hall during University, just a 1 minute walk away from Bloor and University. When my mom visited me in Toronto, we would often have breakfast here together. It was a welcome change from Residence cafeteria food!

The night before, I asked my two hilarious and great friends if they were down for breakfast. They were. Success.

I order my usual  "Eggs in a Hole" – which is just one of Over Easy's 13 specialties, alongside the dozens of other options on the menu. From their menu: Montreal-style bagel - halved; filled w/ fried eggs, bacon and melted aged cheddar. Served w/ home fries. Oh my goodness, this is heaven on a plate.

We all got home fries, which are served with caramelized onion pieces.

At reasonable prices and massive portions, Over Easy is hands down my fave breakfast place. It's got a diner feel and great service.

One more thing: make sure to get here early! There's usually a line right out the door, and there's nothing worse than standing and staring at people eat while you're waiting for the first meal of the day.