Evergreen Brickworks // Farmers Market

A few weeks ago, when the trees were just starting to turn pretty colours and the weather was still bearable enough for biking, M's work hosted a sustainability tour at Evergreen Brickworks. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to check out the farmer's market as well, since that was one of our "popsicle stick dates". 

The market is quite large, filling two of their indoor/outdoor spaces. They put up these adorably cute flags to add even more of an artsy vibe. 

I've been coming to Evergreen for over a year now, since the paths are perfect for letting Zoey run around and play. But the Sustainability tour was a great way to learn even more about the history of the site. We learned that the wooden portion in the above photo, for example, was haphazardly added on to connect the two buildings and make it easier to move the bricks on a conveyor belt. 

Here I am just casually sipping on hot chocolate. The gorgeous installation behind me is called Water Consciousness. We learned that it represents the various rivers that flow in Toronto. 

The forests in the ravines are our lungs, and the rivers that flow through Toronto are our kidneys. 

I love how the sculpture paints a different map of Toronto, one that's based on rivers not roads. Makes you think a little bit about how life used to be.

There's a huge snapping turtle that lives in the lake, but I've only ever seen him (her?) in the summer. Fall makes up for the lack of the turtle by becoming the ideal time to stroll around and take photos for your insta feed. You'll have fodder for days.

After the tour, we did our groceries in the market. Some items were super overpriced (all the meat) but others were very reasonable, like the $5 apple cider or the $3 kale above.

If you're interested in visiting, the market still goes on in the wintertime, it's just a little smaller than the summer market. It's open Saturdays from 9 am - 1 pm.