Distillery Christmas Market

A few weekends ago, Momma came to visit M and I in Toronto so that we could go to the Christmas Market in the Distillery. We went on the weekend, which meant paying $5 per person to get in. I had assumed that the $5 fee and scheduled entry times would disperse the crowds, but the lines to even get in were insane. Insane.

There are 4 entrances, so the three of us walked around to the Cherry Street entrance, which we hoped was less popular (we were right). It was a bit of a hike, but we only had to wait a few minutes (yay!). To make waiting in line more bearable, they handed out candy canes and red Rudolph noses.

Once inside, it looked there were millions of people, but it wasn't too bad. There were no lines to get into the stores and the food lines were bearable. 

We decided to get poutine and pretzels, which were both $7 each. The pretzels were gargantuan.

The twinkly lights and cabins were so cute and definitely got me in the mood for Christmastime. 

Taking a photo at any of these iconic places (the mistletoe, the word marquees) required a wait in line. Everyone's gotta get those insta shots, after all. And yes, I realize the hypocrisy of that statement. ;) 

The photo above gives you a slight idea of the insane crowds. Trying to get a proper photo of yourself with the Christmas tree takes some patience.

Do I recommend the Christmas Market? Yes - but not on the weekends. Weeknights (just not Friday night) are less busy and free. The Market is less crowded during the day, so I recommend going around 4pm so you can avoid the crowds but still enjoy the twinkling lights.