Dog Days of Winter

It's been a record-breaking month here in Toronto, with meteorologists claiming that this February is on route to be the coldest one in decades. According to Environment Canada, the last time an entire calendar month was below freezing was February 1978.

If you think that the end of February will mean the end of this armageddon cold spell, I'm sorry to burst your bubble. The next few days/weeks aren't supposed to get any warmer. As far as the forecast goes (until March 13th), the predictions still remain below 0, with temperatures expected to hover between -20 to -10.

To get through the 6 months of winter Canada has been blessed by, you need to get creative. Sometimes, you need to get crazy, and actually venture outside for some Vitamin D and fresh air. It sounds counter-intuitive, but spending time outside is better than being cooped up and going stir crazy.

So out came my camera, my snowpants, my mittens, and I decided to take some photos of my two favourite girls in the world.

Both of these babes are almost as hairless as dogs can get (real hairless dogs are some of the strangest creatures on this planet). Therefore, they hate the cold. With a passion. But their hatred of the cold interferes with their love of the outdoors, which they also love with a passion.

Get outside and play this winter (you still have at least 4 more weeks left). Bundle up, run around, and use it as an opportunity to take some really nice photos thanks to the wonderful white backdrop of the snow.