Introducing Zoey Chloe Kloc

I've been meaning to write a post formally introducing our furry little family member and sharing her cute face with the blog. It's been over a month since Zoey (also known as ZoZo, Zoki, or Zoey Bear) came into our home, and what an exciting and challenging few weeks it has been!

We got Zoey from a rescue here in Ontario that brings dogs from high-kill shelters in the States across the border to safety. I saw her picture on and just knew that M and I had to go see her. Once we did, there was no way we couldn't take her home with us. I mean, just look at that face!

Zoey came from a small town in Ohio and lived with 3 other dogs and 4 children from the ages of 2-14. The children were living all alone in a trailer home, with their mother visiting every few weeks to drop off food. The rest of the time, the kids's mother was with her boyfriend, and the kids and the dogs were left to fend for themselves and take care of each other.

Although we don't know for certain what kind of breed(s) Zoey is, the vet guessed Jack Russell/Italian Greyhound mix. Her personality is definitely a combination of the two. Zoey is a real jokester (which is why we made April 1st her birthday). She's smart, in a sneaky and sly sort of way. She loves to run, play fetch, chase her tail, and attack your face with licks at every opportunity she gets. If you're not playing with her, she'll annoy you until you are. If you turn away for a second, she'll be standing on the dining room table or in the bathtub behind the shower curtain.

But (and this is her Italian Greyhound side speaking now), Zoey is fond of cuddles and sleeping under blankets. She'll rub up on you and climb on top of your shoulders like a cat. She'll lounge on your lap for hours without moving as you watch Friends episodes after Friends episode. And, after lots of training and patience, she'll actually listen to commands like "Come", "Sit", "Paw", "Down", "Speak", and her most recent one, "Stretch."

Zoey has been such a wonderful addition to our family. I love waking up to her happiness in the morning and taking her for walks in the dog park. She's loving, sweet, and silly. My friends have a great time bonding with her. M is the greatest Dog Papa ever. And even though big sister Isis was confused as to who this little creature was, I think she's adjusted to little Zoey quite well.