On Friday, M said he was taking me out to dinner at a "secret location" -- the one requirement was that I had to watch a short Netflix episode beforehand. I'm always down for my man taking me out for dinner, so I gladly obliged. The episode was #1 in a series called The Mind of a Chef, which follows chef David Chang and his adventures with food and cooking. The first episode focused on ramen noodles, showing Chang's visit to Japan and the different kinds of noodles he ate and made. There's even a part in the episode where he takes ramen out of the package and eats it as-is... yup, without boiling it. Apparently it's a Japanese child thing (I can't relate, and I don't think I'll ever try his method).

One thing I did get to try, though, was eating at one of Chang's restaurants here in Toronto -- Momofuku. Located in the super-fancy Shangri-La hotel, this place offers surprisingly cheap food options (and by cheap I mean $15 noodle bowls). Yelp reviews and opinions in general of this place aren't very good, but I think a part of that is because of the hype Chang creates. I guess everyone expects amazing food, service, and location because they have a pre-conceived standard of what it should be like. M only told me later that the restaurant was Chang's, at which point I thought it was uber-cool I was eating at a guy's restaurant whose TV episode I had just watched!

I had the Smoked Chicken Noodles and M, always eating the famous dish at restaurants, had the Momofuku. Both were Ramen bowls, and it was neat that we got to see the all-male, all-tattooed, super hip chefs make the food right in front of us.

The portions were HUGE and DELICIOUS. I loved my noodles. There were mushrooms (the only gross part), chicken, bamboo shoots, scallions, and fried chicken skin all within the soup. M's broth was much better, but I'm not much of a pork girl so I just enjoyed my noodles and desperately attempted to finish. Of course, I didn't manage, and M had to down my leftovers.

Grade: 4/5
Cons: $15 for a noodle bowl is above average, even though it's "cheap" for the fanciness of the Shangri-La Hotel.
Pros: Restaurant atmosphere, fast serving, and delicious food.